Bill Gates gives 20 billion away

Is giving away your wealth as one of the richest people in the world a good thing? Let's dissect this.

Bill Gates gives 20 billion away

Okay, okay, I have an opinion on Mr Gates.

Who is this man again?

Bill Gates is the man behind Microsoft. He founded that company back in 1975 with his friend Paul Allen. Bill is a smart individual, which can be seen from the way he grew Microsoft, from developing DOS (Disk Operating System) modeled after CP/M, and later creating Windows, obviously very much inspired by then existing graphical user interfaces from Xerox and others. I won't go into the details here, because it is besides the point.

It made him filthy rich. He was also criticized for his business tactics, which have been considered anti-competitive. In 2008 he stepped away from Microsoft and focused on his philanthropy at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

From this position, and using his wealth, he was able to become very influential in several fields. One of those was (and is), of course, the Covid-19 vaccine, of which he was a proponent. Combine this with certain things he has said over the years concerning depopulation, and you find yourself with all of the ingredients for a well stirred conspiracy. I'm not taking a position here, I merely acknowledge that his outings can be questionable.

Obviously, he has always denied these rumors, citing misinterpretation and taking words out of context. I can definitely see both sides.

Which leads us to the point of this article (or ramblings, if you prefer). One can argue that his wealth is filthy, that it is evil to accumulate this much, while there are so many people living in horrible conditions, partly thanks to things he (amongst other rich people) has done, and still does. One can argue that he should not be able to own that much farmland in America. One could also argue that he is not a medical professional, and should not spread a message about vaccines (while owning a large share in the producer of said vaccine), it broadcasts the wrong message. Is he that naïve? Or is he actually pushing a different agenda?

Having said all that, he keeps sending contradictory messages. The most recent being that he is giving away twenty billion US dollar, and plans to give away most of his money. From an equality and humanitarian standpoint, this is good news. However, it depends on how and to whom he donates it.  

Is he actually pushing a different agenda?

If it is going through the foundation that he runs with his now ex wife, it is interesting to investigate what it will actually be used for.


How believable is all this? He, through this foundation, has pushed anti conception methods (remember the word depopulation?), pushed Covid-19 vaccines (while owning stock in the manufacturers, plural, making him even more money while effectiveness is debatable), has bought over 269,000 acres of farmland, while such a crucial human resource (food = humans) (here we go again with theories on depopulation), it all seems odd. Is he really that naïve, or is he?

I can't say for sure. Giving away all of his wealth (well, not all of it, but most of it) is the right thing to do, provided it goes to the right places. But how can we tell? His foundation is the largest private non profit in the world. And the world we live in these days seems to be run by non profits (think WEF). Yes, that may come off as conspiracy thinking, I cannot help but consider this a strange coincidence.

Is he really that naïve, or is he?

So, is this good news? Again, if the money goes to the right places, he is doing exactly what I believe rich people (I have nothing against rich people, btw) should do. Unless they spend money sending polluting rockets to planets, stating benefits for future mankind, but really developing a tourist business that only harms our planet (and more) further, of course. But that's a topic for a different discussion.

Be well.


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