Crypto winter is here

How long will the crypto winter last?

Crypto winter is here

This is what wrote. (Source)

It's an interesting take. I don't think it is wrong in any way, but, where do they get the five years? Nasdaq seems to have an opinion. There it is said in june that it depends on the pricerange BTC will stay in. This would mean that the whole crypto universe is strapped to Bitcoin, which is not the craziest of ideas. (Source)

But that's still no answer to the question. As nasdaq says:

But when they end, we see bitcoin reaching new highs afterwards. While past performance is not indicative of future results, there's a good chance that we could experience the same outcome when this winter finally ends.

That's typical, in my opinion. This comes from a company specializing in managing and analyzing hedge funds, stocks and bonds, old money, you could say.


I think we can all agree that no one knows. No one soul can really tell what's going to happen. "While past performance is not indicative of future results...". See? And with parts of the world in a bit of a turmoil right now, who is to know?

Be well.