Evolving into a new species

Tech should serve mankind, not make mankind lazier. And tech is not here to be abused by the rich to fill their pockets, either.

Evolving into a new species

This post reflects my personal opinion.

In 2017 I was astounded by the sheer stupidity in the technology mankind came up with, and came to the conclusion that mankind is degenerating. Here is my original piece. Now, five years later, it's about time to look at where we stand.

Last time I complained about people getting lazier and lazier, helped by technology. Automatic liftgates, fridges that order whatever is finished, people addicted to their smartphones, I could go on and on.

Where do we stand? It's not good.

Space tourism.

Yep. We used to have rockets, funded and operated by governments polluting our atmosphere in the name of science. But now that shilling crap to smartphone addicts has lead to several multi billionaires with a hobby, I think the atmosphere is lost. Where Elon wants to colonize Mars for whatever reason, the barefoot brit and his Amazon buddy are starting space tourism. Instead of using their wealth for the benefit of our planet, they're building yet another business that leads to more profits while destroying whatever is left for us to live on. Where does it end? Well, I have an idea.

Robots taking over our jobs.

Yep, it's happening. I knew it would, and I can't be the only one. This is what I think is happening. In the last ten years, obtaining training, certificates and diplomas has become more common, pushed by companies that require them, and celebrated as if receiving one is a personal victory over others. At the same time, the actual job we do has been divided in smaller pieces, checked and controlled in todo lists (don't get me started about agile, either), and diplomas are required to obtain the job and the right to tick off meaningless small tasks that in most cases are simply assigned to us. In my eyes, it is planned robot takeover. By automating these small tasks, human intervention becomes largely obsolete. There's not an actual robot involved, it's just software that emulates humans. The smaller the tasks, the easier they are to automate. And we're doing nothing to stop this. I guess most people don't see it. But let me warn you. It's probably too far ahead already to be stopped, so be prepared.

Technology used to guard us.

Remember the pandemic? Whether you believe the origins or not, if you zoom out and look at how technology was used to gain control over us, you'll understand. We were lured into using apps to register our status, while these apps then tell others in our environment, basically turning everyone into a snitch. All to steer our behavior, whether there was or wasn't a danger to our health. The proof of concept was a success - lots of people accepted it in fear of their health, and refused to see the bigger picture. Again, I am not debating the nature of the cause of this pandemic, that's besides the subject here.

Privacy is out the window.

Government bodies breaking laws to spy on us, governments pushing big tech to spy on us and prevent private conversations, it's happening all over the world and it is getting scary very fast. It's been planned all along. Governments have let big tech become influential in our lives for a reason. They're now claiming that these companies have too much power, but instead of taking that power away, they force them to implement backdoors and other spy mechanisms. Never forget that the to main mobile operating systems have this covid spying software built into it. Yes, you can switch it off, but explain to me how this is trivial to the operating system and the use of our smartphones? And today it may be covid, tomorrow it may be something else. There is a bigger plan here, and we need to bring it into the light. This is nothing more than a complicated and sophisticated plan to control our behavior.


You may find that I am a cynic. I probably am. But we're going in the wrong direction, and fast. In all four topics I covered I see the same pattern. We're told a story to distract us while methods are implemented to oppress us right under our nose.

If this is not reversed somehow, there is nothing left for mankind than to merge with AI and evolve into a new species. But any aspect of life that we currently like or enjoy will be gone. This new species doesn't care. It's a worker species, controlled by a just a handful of people.