Is mankind pure evil?

Is mankind the locust of the universe? Do we destroy everywhere we go?

Is mankind pure evil?

For those of you familiar with the science fiction genre, not the cheap crap a whole channel was opened for years ago, but the more serious side of it, you may know that in several movies and books, there is a profound fear of a species from outer space, known for its habit of taking over planets, one by one, only to destroy it and all life found on it. I believe we may be that species.

For reasons unknown to me, mother nature has come up with the rather brilliant plan to select man for advanced development of the brain, you know, the grey stuff that is in our skull. While all animal species on our planet have not developed much in the past few thousands of years, man has been blessed with something called the ability to reason, and I'm afraid that's where everything started to go downhill.

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You see, if you look back at this amazing capability and how it has evolved, and include the results, it is not a pretty sight. We like to claim that we are so smart, our cultures celebrate 'smartness' and promotes it, but if you take a step back and look at things from a grand perspective, all that our magic ability has brought us is doom. We are slowly but surely killing our own planet, which also is where we live, therefore we are destroying our own species. And do not forget about the other thousands of species we will destroy as well, as they happen to share our planet with us, simply because they were not selected to receive reasoning.

Our mighty brains have come up with a solution though, you might think, because we are now targeting outer space, starting with the planet Mars, as a possible new habitat. Unfortunately, I think it is not a solution. I believe that it is a pattern. If we ever migrate there, earth will be uninhabitable. We will start setting up shop (and house) on Mars, and what happens after, is history. We will destroy Mars too. And the next planet. We are an evil species, destroying everything that comes on our path, not even because we want to rule the universe, but because we cannot do otherwise. It is, apparently, in our genes. This is what we do.

We always like to remember everything bad that we've done in history as a species. Wars, mass murders, everything has to be remembered, year after year. Schools teach it. We should never forget. But that is a mistake. If we keep remembering, the thought stays current in our minds, and ultimately, in our global consciousness. So it becomes something we will repeat. It will never stop. This is why we keep murdering other people, go to war, bomb countries, and so on. He who remembers history, is doomed to repeat it. I know the *official* saying is different, but I firmly believe this is the *correct* one.

And all of this applies to what we will accomplish next: taking over the second planet and start destroying that. The irony is that developing the technology to get to our second habitat, will be the last final straw in killing planet earth. A spaceship, or a rocket, pollutes so incredibly much air that it will be that last nail in Earths' coffin. We will go out with a bang, that much is sure.

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There you have it. We are doomed. We are the bad guys. But we're so smart! We can change things, when we use our minds! Call me a sceptic, but I don't think so. Don't you think we would have already, if we could?

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